My Words

How do i respond to others? That is a Good Question and I don’t know how to answer the question right now.

As I think about the month of August 2017, I feel as if i am in a good location.


Update for June 30, 2016

As I look at the Day, I realize this is like any other June. It brings me joy to share with people that I am starting fresh, as far as possible. Being 55 is a disadvantage, and I have some limitations that I should accept.

The question that I have is what do I have to offer? Normally I would develop a friendship, but I don’t know what I have done wrong. My only hope is leaning on the mercy of God, that is provided through a complete relationship with his Son.


As I think about my recovery, it is difficult knowing who to share with in order to break free from some stuff. I find that it would be nice if I had more people who I could share with.

I find it difficult knowing how to share my progress at times, but the nice thing is knowing when to share.