Breakfast at Gramercy Court

I just came out to the lobby after Breakfast. We had a muffin, salsa scrambled eggs and hot cereal. There was also Hot Chocolate, Milk, Juice and water.

Breakfast was served a little late this morning. It is almost 8:45AM right now. I hope to get a Celebrate Recovery Bible. I would prefer the eBook. Right now I have a sample copy.

Once I get that, I can do the Lesson for Step One / Principle One. I should be able to complete that during October. I have another NIV Bible, but there are some nice things about Celebrate Recovery.

I know there is a Gamblers Anonymous lesson over at the hospital on J Street, but I decided to stay here.

It looks like it is almost two hours until Lunch.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Gramercy Court

  1. Hi Brian! I’d like to buy you a copy of the Celebrate Recovery Bible. I can order it through amazon for you – what is your email address and I will have it sent so you can download it to your iPad. – Dan

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