How to Recover

As I read through Day 9 in the Celebrate Recovery Daily Meditation it comforts me to know what my options are. I guess that sometime in the next few days I will be able to start answering some questions. I will have to get the gift card for Amazon before I get the books.

I like Celebrate Recovery, but there are different types of recovery groups out there as well. I know there is GA for people still in recovery for a Gambling problem. There was a list of places in the back of the Love Hunger Workbook, but I got involved with an Impact Group instead.

I had called the GA helpline a few weeks ago, and they have a website with the 12 Steps. The thing about Celebrate Recovery is that it can deal with people with different types of addictions. I got the CR Bible last week, and I have been reading it day by day.

I guess that tomorrow will be Day 10, which will be Tuesday. Today is Monday October 24th.


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