My Road to Recovery

I made a decision today to blend my recovery issues. I have the Celebrate Recovery Bible on my iPad. That is the the eBook that i got from Amazon as a gift from Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz.

Today I read Day 12 in the Daily Meditation at the back of the eBook. I got the eBook last Sunday.

I plan on getting the first four Workbooks when John goes shopping next week.

That will help when I download them from Amazon on to my Kindle.

For today I don’t plan to Gamble, and I have been involved with the Gamblers Anonymous program in the past.

With the Sacramento Kings opening up at the Golden 1 Center tonight I can enjoy the game without Gambling. If I did happen to Gamble, then I just start over.

For today, I wish that I had the Four Workbooks, but I will have to wait until November to start on Participants Guide 1 which is called Stepping Out of Denial into Gods Grace.

At this point I started on my 4th Step in regards to my recovery from my Gambling. Their website you can check it out online at

The best way for me to go with my other issues will be to wait until November. That would put me on Principle Three (Step Three) for my other issues.

I know that there are Eight Recovery Principles on The Road To Recovery by Rick Warrren. He developed the program a few years out of Matthew.

I do need the Yellow Combo Book from the Gamblers zAnonymous store n their website.

That is my plan for Thursday October 27, 201


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