How to complete a 4th Step

Hi, my name is Brian H. Hushbeck, a believer in Jesus Christ

I feel ready to tackle my 4th Step, but I have several recovery issues to deal with. The question is which recovery group will work for me as a grateful member of Gamblers Anonymous and Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento, CA. I might switch churches in December 2016 or 2017, but for now I feel like my 4th Step might last until 2018.

I try to be optimistic and I just finished the Daily Meditation in the Celebrate Recovery Bible. I went through Day 13 in the CR eBook, but I also have the Tecarta Bible Software on my iPad. I can’t use all of the apps at once on my iPad. I have always used a PC or a clone, but I got the iPad in March or April 2016.

I love the Apple iPad, and I might use other Apple Products in the future.

My options for my 4th Step include the following.

– Gamblers Anonymous
– SA
– Food Addiction
– CR Bible
– CR Workbooks

There might be other recovery programs and I would be glad to discuss them. I would probably pick the Train Room, Lobby or the Dining Room for today. I might switch locations for tomorrow. With so many issues on my plate, I might need help from outside Gramercy Court.


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