Yesterday and Halloween

After reading the devotion for yesterday, and putting my post on my WordPress account I made it to Breakfast, Lunch and then to the church service in the Classroom.

It was a good service, and I heard several good things in.the service including Great Is Thy Faithfulness and a sermon by Pastor Flood on The Attributes of God. I had my iPad with me, and I was able to share a couple of my apps with the Pastor and the Music Leader.

Then I went to the Lobby and listened to a sermon by Chip Ingram on my iPad. I didn’t have to click on his app but I did anyway. I went to Dinner after listening to one of the the messages from Living On The Edge.

I then went back to my room. There were two Good things on Television, and I was watching the television and I turned the Television off and I read The Road to Recovery. I turned the Television on after that and I thought about watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, or to turn the Television back to The World Series. I checked the Television in the Day Room because it is the bigger screen and I was hoping there might be a couple other people to socialize with.

Today being Halloween I doubt I will dress up. I don’t have a costume right now. Oh well, it is early in the morning here. It is almost six according to the CASIO watch on my wrist. I know that I need to decide what to do next after I post my blog. My YouTube still isn’t working correctly after several days, and I get to eat Breakfast in the Dining Room at about 7:45AM.

I might be able to watch some Television this morning. I am not sure which station to watch. I love Good Day on Channel 31, but there is also Channel 13 which is a sister station of Channel 31. There is Channel 10, which is ABC. There is FOX which has a morning show, then there is the NBC news on Channel 3.

Then their is always the radio.

I will finish typing on my Apple iPad now, and see how Halloween goes in 2016.


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