Does Our GOD ALLOW for Second Chances

I believe he does and today on November 2, 2016 I have a Second Chance. Yesterday I began to notice some major changes. I wish that Doug, John and Roger were here right now but maybe it is better that they are where they are at. If I hear from them then I can tell them what I have learned in the past few days that will change my life.

At this point I am a member of Westminster Presbyterian in Downtown Sacramento, which is right across from the State Capital in the area of the new Golden 1 Center. Today is the Music at Noon concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Right now I am over I the Arden Arcade area of town in Sacrameto, CA. Yesterday I got a ride down to my Doctors down on Timberlake Way, down near Mack and 99. I have been down there before, but I am hoping for a new change. I know I can’t change much about the San Francisco Bay Area but this is Sacramento, CA.

I know that with my concerns regarding Gambling, that I hope for a combo booklet by the end of 2016. The good thing is that there is always the Gamblers Anonymous Website that I can check if my Apple iPad is working. The website is

With the World Series tonight on FOX, it should be exciting to see who is awarded the trophy, and I think that that President Obama will call them. Of course there are other options besides watching baseball.

I might want to make a chart to compare some other churches out there. I believe that every church should have a a Celebrate Recovery. I like listening to Pastor Wes at Westminster Presbyterian, but there is always other classes to attend.

There is always the Kings, and of course there are the Warriors.

There is Survivor.

That is a wrap, cut and print. Maybe Dave Dravecky might come by someday.


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