I am still hoping to play RISK, but I don’t own the game. It is a fun game to play, and it serves as a possible way not to Gamble. The one downside to they game of Risk is that you use Dice to play against the other opponents to try and take over the world. It’s is one of those games that requires at least three players, although sometimes you can do the game with two players.

It is best if you start with six. I can think of at least five other women who I would love to play the game with, but first I need to find Three Men to start my inventory. I guess I can always try the Yellow Pages.

I haven’t done my Daily Devotional out of the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible eBook, but maybe I can talk things over with Jennifer my Behavioral Psychologist in our next meeting.

Well I can always wait until Spring to take an action Step.


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