The 49’ers lost their game to the Saints. I have decided to stay devoted to the Niners for the rest of the year. I watched some stuff on my SF app on my Apple iPad. They have some attractive Cheerleaders as well.

I hope hope they can forgive me as I found out that the Raiders are playing on Sunday Night Football. I might switch to CBS to watch NCIS LA at 7:00PM.

I grew up in Santa Clara County, and I moved to Santa Cruz County. I visited Monterey County When I drove down Highhway 1.

At 54 Years of age, as I thought about some stuff as I ate Lunch in the Dining Room here at Gramercy that as I chewed my Food, is I forgot something. Always pray before having a meal. Let me see about finishing the rest of the three principles on The Road To Recovery by Pastor Rick Warren.

Who knows, maybe once I get into the right Men’s Group I Can Begin my inventory. Now it is time to Check the Kings versus Toronto Raptors score on my KINGS + G1C app.


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