Rebuilding Day Today is Monday November 7, 2016

As I type this on my Apple IPad here in Sacramento, CA I have noticed some significant changes. I think tat today will be a great day. As an only child of two parents, I grew up in a house on Echo Drive in Los Altos, CA. Being born in 1962 I don’t remember a lot from the younger years.

Yes I have had some emotional issues that led to my decision to leave my Job at Sears where I worked as a salesperson at Sears back in 2004. I had a relapse in my recovery from Gambling while working at Sears. Yes I drove out to Cache Creek after moving to a new place in Rosemont down near several churches. I returned home devastated, but the hard part was knowing how to recover from my Food Addiction. I picked up a book for Food Addiction called Love Hunger by a couple of doctors. The names slip my mind right now, but you can look it up on Google, Kindle or iBooks. Those are some of the apps available on my Apple iPad.

I showed the book to.a pastor down at Warehouse Christian Ministries who ran the recovery group down there and he pointed out that I only made it through Week 11. I should have said what I wanted to say, but I noticed something about the differences between Men and Women. I should have brought the subject up with one of them but it was difficult to explain in mixed company.

I liked Rosemont, but the other issue that I didn’t know that I had a problem with was sex. As a boy in Los Altos, I grew up in a house with two big Redwood Tress in the front yard. When I was young I used to climb the trees and we could see quite a bit. I think the trees are still there to this day. I don’t live in Los Altos any more but I am sure that almost anyone in the area of Rancho Shoppimg Center could verify that. I should have gone to Foothill College after High School, but I applied to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Actually that was in the Montecito Section of Santa Barbara up at 955 La Paz Road. Of course there are several schools in the Santa Barbara area including UCSB out in Isla Vista and Santa Barbara City College.

Of course I have visited Hollywood. I know that as a boy, some issues can cause you to be petrified. But there is always hope for a new beginning. I am a Man now, and as a boy I remember going on Vacation with my Parents to Yosemite. My Dad and I played golf at the Awhanee Hotel. I don’t remember if that is still there, but I can look it up online. Of course I had Pizza at Roundtable on El Camino in Los Altos, but that was over 30 Years ago.

Well Today is another chapter, but what kind of trouble can I cause around here today. I might be able to walk, but right now my electric wheelchair is right next to my Bed. I plan to stay with Westminster Presby.terian Church until at least December 2016. Unless they ask me to leave as I have those three addictions. Well at least I can read the two Bibles, and I watched a couple of videos on YouTube. There was the one from William Jessup University up in Rocklin, CA where they are putting on the play It’s A Wonderful Life. There was another one from Good Day from the Convention Center with the keys, and the Table. If I ever run into that guy named Jack who played Guitar at Mount Hermon I will have to challenge him as to Minnesota being the center of the Universe, Versus California.

Principle One (Step One) is basically saying that my life is all messed up and I need help. It was put together by Pastor Rick Warren. He is down in Southern California. Of course there is the time that I went down to Bakersfield. I suggest trying to wait until marriage, but if you can’t and you get expelled from school there is always other alternatives. I wonder if the Spring Sing committee has any good ideas for Spring Sing next year at the County. Bowl on Milpas.

That’s a Wrap. Cut and Print.


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