Stuck in 713A

I am up late and laying in my Bed, and I read the Daily Devotional at the end of the eBook that one of the pastors at VFC sent me. I wish I had read this yesterday, because the information from todays Devotional would have helped me yesterday. I don’t really know what happened but I had a big sneeze yesterday. I came back inside and I got a tissue.

I like using my Apple iPad, althouagh some people believe that I am feeding my addiction by using my IPad. Maybe I will find some help today. I have Breakfast today at about 7:45AM, then Bible Study at 10:30AM.

I have Lunch at 11:45AM, and then one of the wheelchair companies will pick me up and take me down to Timberlake Way.

I need to use a cordless phone to call about the battery in my electric scooter.

Then the wheelchair van will bring me back to 713A. Hopefully in time for Dinner.

I might bring my Apple iPad along assuming it is charged.

Now I should listen to one of the prayers from Abide. I got the App through K-LOVE
It should be a pretty good day for a Tuesday. I already voted by mail, so I don’t have to worry about that today. November 8th.


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