Lust Versus Love

I know that there are some subtle differences between Lust and Love. How have I broken free from. my addictions. I know that as I try to break the cycle of bad habits, and develop better habits the one thing I am thankful for now it is that Jesus Christ is my Savior.

I know that as I think over the past few days that i have beein thinking about the rebuilding project. I know that I hope to share more in the days ahead. all I know is that I am currently a member at Westminster Presbyterian Church. As I think about different ways to fellowship, there are many different ways to have fellowship. You can go back packing, camping, picnics. I might want to date again, but right now it is time to heal some of the wounds that I have developed.

It might take a few more years, and sometimes can take minutes. I should have grasped this when I was a child, but hopefully there are some who care for newborns. Without understanding the thoughts of an only child living in Los Altos, CA things could have been different. I hope that I can get through my first four steps. I had an eye appointment Yesterday down at Royo on Timberlake. I have another appointment next week down there. I have some things to discuss with some people but I am going to try and act differently. Maybe like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or that show called SWAT. I liked the original but the remake with Mr. J was pretty good. There are also some good magazines the money magazine that I looked at Yesterday. I was thinking about a time back when I was younger when I saw a morning show with F&T in Eastridge Mall in San Jose with Channel 7, which is the KGO station in San Francisco, CA. I also visited their studios. I moved to Sacramento County back in 1995. There many good things, as well as some other forms of entertainment. Nothing wrong with that. After all my ID says that I am 54.

Well it is time to turn things over to my Higher Power, and take an Action Step. Maybe there I will need to wait because I lost my toes about 11 Years ago. Diabetic Infection. I might download Participant’s Guide 3 off of Amazon. I can download it to my Kindle.

i want to share about Taco Bell in tomorrow’s Blog. I love Taco Bell, but sometimes you can overindulge.

I will share about a bus trip to Mexico with Santa Cruz Bible Church in my next appointment with my Eye Doctor in a week.

Maybe someday I might meet CK in person. I have seen her pictures in a magazine once. She might give me a massage.

That is my Blog for the day of November 9th, 2016


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