Taco Bell

I have loved visits to Taco Bell. There are many locations to eat their food. I don/’t know how many different locations. I saw a piece on YouTube about Taco Bell and it looked so delicious. There is not a sin for eating too much food, although there are support groups for Food Addiction.

I think I might Table my situation for today, and and try and blend the three different. groups that I am aware of on November 10, 2016.

The three are as follows: SA, Gamblers Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Those books are available off of Amazon for the Kindle or devices with the Kindle. They are available in many areas. As a Christian in Recovery, I didn’t plan to be an addict. I think that is what made it tough the admit that I had a problem. While the gambling is no longer an issue, I might play Bingo this Friday. I can always return to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting if I return to Gambling.

The reason the SA problem is such an issue has to do with the fact that my SA wasn’t talked about when I graduated from High School in 1980. That was back on Almond Avenue in Los Altos, CA. I was able to apply to one college after High School. There were other possibilities and my parents let helped pay for Westmont College. I also had the possibility of going to San Jose State University. I had the possibility of attending Foothill College up in Los Altos Hils, cA.

I just called Tim yesterday with the SA website that I discovered and I can always call back if I want to.

The Celebrate Recovery Bible eBook is on my Apple iPad, as well the Tecarta Bible.


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