Pleasant enjoying Football

I was able to watch some Football yesterday. I have been a San Francisco 49ers fan since I was in the sixth Grade at Springer. But I recall some trips to Denver, Colorado where we would visit wth y Aunt and Uncle. I rode with my Dad and Mom. We would travel from California, into Nevada, then through Wyoming.

Then an we would travel down through Fort Collins and into Denver. That is why I have decided to make the Broncos my secondary team.

Then we would travel back through Utah through Nevada and back to California and on one trip we met our next door neighbors along the way and we went to Disneyland.

I know that that there have been some hurts, habits and hang ups along the way, but I feel good about where I am at.

I hope to get into a new Step Study, but I don’tm know which way to head

i know that last night the New England Patriots lost to the Seattle Seahawks. I was rooting for the Patriots last night. on a temporary basis because Gordon College is out there in Massachusetts.

I did not place a bet, but if I do relapse I can always return to a meeting. Almost time for Lunch.

I am on Step One (Matthew 5:3)! Fromm the Tecarta Bible Software. I might come to my room after Lunch.

That. should do it for this morning Monday November 14$, 2016


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