Now it is Wednesday

NOW is a good time to think about some things. This is November 17, 2016

As I reflect back over the past few days, and recognize the facts that have been causing me grief and anguish might just be God’s little way of telling me to trust in him.

But I think about things, he tells me something somewhat sternly to “Shut Up”. I sit here, or rather lie in my bed and He tells me to trust his Son.

With the HOLY SPIRIT included in the equation I begin to think about the fact that 1+1+1=1.

That doesn’t add up I ask myself, and he tells me to simply to
trust in him. I will do that to for today. I think the Spurs are playing the Kings. tonight at the Golden 1 Center II can rest in the fact I can trust him for at least the next seven days.

Looking around the room I begin to relax.


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