CR Study Bible and Tecarta Bible

As I think about today’s Devotional in the back of the CR Study Bible, and the Tecarta Bible on my Apple iPad, I have decided that I am on Step Three, which Matthew Chapter 5:5 in the Tecarta Bible.

As I lie in my Bed, there are at least three options.
1). I am on Principle Four (Steps Four and Five) and I hope to get a Gamblers Anonymous Combo Book from the home church in Sacramento, CA. I joined Westminster Presbyterian Church while living Downtown near CVS Pharmacy. That is on K Street.
2) I am typing this on my Apple iPad as I lay in my bed in 713A. This reminds me of some of my dorm experiences. My roommate is Blind and he leaves for Dialysis around 1PM. He and I are both Men.
3). I could speak with a public safety official
4). I could speak with an attorney. There are many attorneys in the area. An attorney can be used for more than just criminal charges. It doesn’t hurt to talk to an attorney. After all when I was at Westmont College there was a Marketing class that I took where the professor was an ordained Baptist Minister, a CPA and a Lawyer. The rumor was that he taught at Westmont for $1 a year

Those are four of the possibilities. It feels as if I have been trapped in a block of ice for 3q Years. That couldn’t have happened as I am alive, for the most part. Some parts are just starting to return to normal.


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