Bees on a Camping Trip

When I was a young child I was on a Camping Trip with a good size group of people, and I remember being stung by Bees. Everyone says to forget the past, and move forward.

So this morning as I was using Facebook I noticed two of my fingers in a clump, and I sat up on the side of my Bed. My CNA said to get back in Bed, then the Nurse came in and she let me move to my chair. I went to the Bathroom and washed my hands then I came to the Day Room, and it was as if I was unrolling a strand of things that brought my Left Hand to the point where I was able to write this.

I read the 12 Steps, The Road to Recovery and the The Serenity Prayer from Participant’s Guide 1 that I downloaded from Amazon to my Kindle onmyApple iPad.

It is almost five AM, and I am wide awake in the Day Room. How is the Christmas Season going so far?


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