Spring Sing 1985

Back in 1985 I went down to Santa Barbara, CA for a production that Westmont puts on almost every year. I think the title of the show that year “The Year That We Celebrated The Inspiration Behind The Dream”. I recall driving my Dad’s Buick home down the 101 Then over the 152.

I know that I made it over the 152 in One Piece, but what if this was a subtle way of reminding us never to drive alone, especially when you are tired. I know that I made it to the Motel Six in Santa Maria, CA.

Of course that was the past, and this is the present. Today is Sunday November 27, 2018.

I am thinking about writing a book, short story or maybe an 8 minute musical like those Spring Sings.

I would call it One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three the Motel Six by Brian Hushbecj
I wonder if the show next Spring might be able to pay my Bills.


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