My Trip to the Doctors

I am currently at a skilled nursing facility in Sacramento, CA. I was fairly well organized and I brought a jacket and my Apple iPad down to the appointment. The place on Timberlake Way is like a second home, as I have to go down there every couple of weeks.

I got a ride back from Alpha One, which is the same company that brought me down and I got back in time for Dinner. I had some issues last night, and while in the past several weeks my left arm was out of control, I find it best to take steps a pebble at a time, an almond at a time.

The good news on the recovery front is that I am now on Principle Four (Steps Four and Five) in the Gamblers Anonymous program. I have some appointments over the next few days. I might even take the rest of December off, and start with a clean mind in 2017.

i have another appointment in two weeks down at the eye doctor. I might have time to brush up on my Spanish in the next couple of weeks. I just need three amigos, and some azul pintura to begin my journey.

I know that Bingo is on the schedule for today, but I have a more structured meetings with my Behavioral Psychologist at the same time.

I don’t plan anything much for Christmas this year, but maybe in three years when things are in working order.


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