Christmas Season

Today is December 1st, 2016. As I think about my meeting with my Behavioral Psychologist yesterday, I find myself sitting in the Lobby here at Gramercy Court typing on my Apple iPad. As a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church I find it difficult knowing what direction to head. I am hoping Brother Aaron can meet with me today. Even though I plan to stay Presbyterian for another three months, the fact is that I find that I meet with different people each day.

I am trying to take steps, but the basic fact is that today I am stuck in Denial.

Not that Denial is all bad, but as I type on my Apple iPad, I don’t feel completely free. The Good news is that I am on Principle Four (Step Four and Five) in the Gamblers Anonymous program. I can almost freely do most stuff.

I have a book on my knee called When You Can’t Comeback by Dave & Jan Dravecky with Ken Gire. This book is published by Zondervan.

The most that I hope for is I can.


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