I am watching a Supergirl rerun on television as I write my blog. Today has been pretty good as I look forward to Christmas.

I know that with my involvement in Gamblers Anonymous, I didn’t even know that Gamblers Anonymous was around when I returned to school at UC Davis Extension in Fall 2000.

I met with a counselor over near where I live now and I tried to regain use of my Left Hand. It is strange but true.

My Food Addiction is finally under control, as I begin to let Jesus Christ deal with the pain that was difficult to explain as honestly as I have had little skills in dealing with that.

I hope for help with locating a good support group. But maybe I don’t need one as I had to make a decision in the Nine O’Clock hour.

I have several choices for Nine and I decided to watch another episode at Nine on the CW. The other issues will lead me to the sanest decision I have made for today.

I will stop my Blog on here for now and eat my snack.


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