As I think about some of the events that happened yesterday, I thought about some things as I was alone in my Bed. They put some sort of Pad Alarm on my Bed. I left the Day Room here and went to the Train Room here. It is here by Wellington Hall. They have some fish, a couple of Birds in Cage, and the Toy Train.

I went up in the front in my Powered Wheelchair, and sat Between the Grand Piano and the Table and with three chairs. I hope that a few people find my writings to at least be nice.

Some might even be encouraged as they proceed out on their Rounds today. It might even aid people in Boonville, Etna or Challenge, CA. The crew who I cleaned the pool. with at Mount Hope Christian Conference Center when I went there on Caravan 1979 might find these to be a Barn Burner.

I am Brian H. Hushbeck, holding my Apple iPad in my Hands.. I hope to get past Step One by the end of the week, which would be Friday December 15, 2016.

I would like to share a video that I took from the Big Screen in in my Room.

At least today is Tuesday December 12, 2016


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