Just Had Breakfast on Saturday

I know that normal people don’t usually work on Saturday, but what else can I do? After 4 Years in High School, I applied to Westmont College. I was accepted, so I decided to head down to Santa Barbara, CA for Four Years. I had a few close friends from Westmont, but I have lost track of some of them.

I had no idea that I had a problem with Food Addiction by the time I picked up the Love Hunger Workbook. On Saturday Mornings I have gone to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, but I am not planning on returning to Gambling.

I can’t really leave right now, as I am in a powered wheelchair. The wisest thing I can do is to take sometime to pray to God.

I have been doing some journaling in my Celebrate Recovery Journal, which really helps keeping track of my thoughts and feelings. I have also been using the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible that I received on Kindle on my Apple iPad. It is the eBook that was purchased by a pastor at Vintage Faith Church last year. That is a church down in Santa Cruz County.

I am in Sacramento County, and my current home church is Westminster Presbyterian Church.


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