Understanding What Step 3 Means to me

As an only child of Howard and Ruby Leee I am gaining clarity on what Step 3 means to me in my recovery from Food Addiction and Compulsive Gambling. I hope to make it Past Principle Four in a few weeks, and then the other Four Princples and 8 Steps should begin to flow naturally.

Step 3 is what I saw on a chalkboard back when I was in eighth grade. I did not know how to explain it at the time, but understanding the Food Addiction has been difficult for me as I love to eat. I hope to share more abut what Fod does in my life in the next several years. Today is Monday March 13, 2017.

i wish I was back in seventh grade again, but I am 54. Bi hope to explain more about Free Choice versus free Willl in the next several months . It depends on how God chooses to heal me.

i am hoping to watch some Basketball over the next several months, what with Collegek Tournament and the Warriors. Maybe the Kings might turn around in the next several years.

Then there is always Baseballl and Football. I just have to remember not to Gamble’.


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