Breakfast in the Day Room

As I sit in my Powered Wheelchair, I am currently in the Canterbury Day Room waiting for Breakfast. I am watching the morning news on KCRA 3. I hope that Breakfast arrives soon, but I probably won’t be served for at least half an Hour.

I got my Apple iPad and my glasses, and I am trying imagine the next step.


Just Had Breakfast on Saturday

I know that normal people don’t usually work on Saturday, but what else can I do? After 4 Years in High School, I applied to Westmont College. I was accepted, so I decided to head down to Santa Barbara, CA for Four Years. I had a few close friends from Westmont, but I have lost track of some of them.

I had no idea that I had a problem with Food Addiction by the time I picked up the Love Hunger Workbook. On Saturday Mornings I have gone to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, but I am not planning on returning to Gambling.

I can’t really leave right now, as I am in a powered wheelchair. The wisest thing I can do is to take sometime to pray to God.

I have been doing some journaling in my Celebrate Recovery Journal, which really helps keeping track of my thoughts and feelings. I have also been using the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible that I received on Kindle on my Apple iPad. It is the eBook that was purchased by a pastor at Vintage Faith Church last year. That is a church down in Santa Cruz County.

I am in Sacramento County, and my current home church is Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Fresh Starts in Arden Fair

I remember back when I was working at Sears over at Arden Fair Mall. That is a nice mall near Cal Expo where they have the State Fair every year. I have heard that they have the California sign that used to be at DCA in Anaheim.

I went to visit Disneyland, Downtown Disney and DCA several years ago while I was living at TLCS. But I am a little off topic, so please forgive me if I offended you.

I still live in Sacramento, and I got some stuff on YouTube from several different places. Right now I have some money in my account up front, so maybe someday in the future I could develop a Business like Fresh Baked Disney.

I should do some research on that in the coming months of November and December 2016. Right now it seems impossible, but maybe by 2017. I don’t have to do that, but it doesn’t hurt to explore.

I think that there are people on the Westmont Campus who might be able to help me put an end to my Gambling, as i try to focus on GA and the things that come when I am free from Gambling.

Who knows, maybe with with Principle Three (Step Three) down solid, I might be able to find an appropriate sponsor, temporary sponsor or accountability partner who can assist me in my recovery.

You have to start somewhere. I am looking at getting the gift cards from Amazon next week so that I can begin my recovery. Right now I am hoping for a Gamblers Anonymous Yellow Combo Booklet. I checked the website yesterday in the store and it is $1.00 for the book. The website is at

Today is Wednesday October 26, 2017

There is a Music At Noon concert almost every Wednesday from Noon until One. Then the Sacramento Kings open on the road tonight against Phoenix. We don’t get it on our cable, so I will probably watch the Baseball game on FOX.

Have a great day everyone, and tomorrow is Day 12 in my Daily Meditations from the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible that I downloaded to my Kindle app on my iPad. There is Tecarta Bible app as well which I still use, but I think I should stop at two apps.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night when the Kings play their first home game at the Golden 1 Center.

Day 5 Daily Meditation

I just read the Day 5 Daily Meditation in the Celebrate Recovery Bible, and I plan to do Day 6 tomorrow. I know that yesterday morning I was on Step One / Principal One. My plan on October 20, 2016 is to remain on that step until November 2016.

I was supposed to meet with my Behavioral Psychologist on Wednesday, but I never really met her yesterday. She may have come in but hopefully I can meet with her next Wednesday. I plan to do the Day 6 Daily Meditation sometime on Friday.

I posted something on my Facebook blog. I know that everyone doesn’t use Facebook, but I do for right now. It would be nice if I could post my blog on Facebook, but at this point I am trying to step out of denial, and turn my life around.

I also have a Tecarta Bible program on my iPad, and I use both of the Bible’s. At this point I choose to believe that I am a Presbyterian. I joined Westminster Presbyterian Church, but I don’t attend. I am hoping to get a Celebrate Recovery Small Group started in the next six weeks. They are looking into how to get the first four Workbooks. I have a sample of the Participants guide 1 on my iPad.

That is all for now, and I look forward to the Holidays ahead. I just don’t want to see Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

Today is Thursday October 20, 2016


Step One

As I think about what Step One means to me, I might be ready to move to Step Two. The first three steps are in the first workbook in Celebrate Recovery.

The problem with Step One is that sometimes I might need something else in my life.

I know that I get a ride down to my eye doctor today I might wait a little bit on Step Two. I have some appointments this week..

Today is Monday October 17, 2016

I will get Breakfast this morning in the Dining Room here at Gramercy Courtt.

With my recovery under control I might wait until Thursday to do the next Step. That would put me ahead, as I was planning on waiting until October 31st.

Breakfast at Gramercy Court

I just came out to the lobby after Breakfast. We had a muffin, salsa scrambled eggs and hot cereal. There was also Hot Chocolate, Milk, Juice and water.

Breakfast was served a little late this morning. It is almost 8:45AM right now. I hope to get a Celebrate Recovery Bible. I would prefer the eBook. Right now I have a sample copy.

Once I get that, I can do the Lesson for Step One / Principle One. I should be able to complete that during October. I have another NIV Bible, but there are some nice things about Celebrate Recovery.

I know there is a Gamblers Anonymous lesson over at the hospital on J Street, but I decided to stay here.

It looks like it is almost two hours until Lunch.

Breakfast in the Dining Room

I just had Breakfast in the Dining Room here at Gramercy Court. It was a good meal, with egg, toast, jelly and Cream of Wheat. Then there was Hot Chocolate, Milk and Apple Juice.

Normally after Breakfast I come out to the lobby, but I went back and got my medication after Breakfast.

I need the Internet for stuff on my IPad, so I am in the lobby now.

I know there is a Music at Noon concert at my church, but that is downtown.