Hopefully Starting Fresh

I find myself at a Crossroads, and I hope to find a sponsor for one of my programs in the next Ninety Days. That would make it for the beginning of May 2017. I might be able to get in one of the reviews in my Celebrate Recovery journal by next week, or maybe the week after next.


Daily Devotions out of Celebrate Recovery Bible

I had taken a break from the Daily Devotionsv in the back of the CR Bible on my Apple iPad. I just noticed that there are 23 more lessons, so it should last until sometime around the end of February 2017. It should be able to inspire me desire to share the news with some others on my blog.

Celebrate Recovery Prayer Journal

I was going through the prayer journal that I purchased a few years ago while I was over around the corner at Nazareth Park Place. I shared the eight principles and the Serenity Prayer with someone in the Day Room.

I also discovered a place in the back where I can do a 90 Day and another 90 Day after that. I plan to do my next journaling and review where I am at on April 11, 2017.

Taking a Break from Celebrate Recovery

I am at a point in my Life where I feel that the CR program works, there are other things that are more important at this time. My Left arm is having some strange movement.It almost feels as if it is being restored. My fingers are beginning to show movement.

That doesn’t mean that with the other Bibles, and other material I should be able to address my concerns in a G rated culture.

I might resume CR tonight, next month or within three months.

Today is Friday November 25, 2017

Turning my Life Over to God

I am going through my NIV Celebrate Recovery Study Bible eBook that was provided by one person in Santa Cruz County. I am on Day 5 in the Daily Devotional at the end of the book. I went through those once already, and this is my second time through the program.

I still hope for a Gamblers Anonymous Combo Book, as that is a good way to help someone in recovery for a Gambling Problem think about things before they return to a Gambling establishment.

I might be able to review some of the material the Mormon missionaries left with me yesterday. I don’t plan to leave Westminster Presbyterian Church until the end of December, but I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with investigating a little before joining someplace.

I might need a new power cord for my Apple iPad in the next couple of Weeks.

I will try to update my newest blog here which is at http://BHushbeckEnterprises.wordpress.com

Now I can get back to watching GoodDay Sacramento until 11:00AM

Taco Bell

I have loved visits to Taco Bell. There are many locations to eat their food. I don/’t know how many different locations. I saw a piece on YouTube about Taco Bell and it looked so delicious. There is not a sin for eating too much food, although there are support groups for Food Addiction.

I think I might Table my situation for today, and and try and blend the three different. groups that I am aware of on November 10, 2016.

The three are as follows: SA, Gamblers Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Those books are available off of Amazon for the Kindle or devices with the Kindle. They are available in many areas. As a Christian in Recovery, I didn’t plan to be an addict. I think that is what made it tough the admit that I had a problem. While the gambling is no longer an issue, I might play Bingo this Friday. I can always return to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting if I return to Gambling.

The reason the SA problem is such an issue has to do with the fact that my SA wasn’t talked about when I graduated from High School in 1980. That was back on Almond Avenue in Los Altos, CA. I was able to apply to one college after High School. There were other possibilities and my parents let helped pay for Westmont College. I also had the possibility of going to San Jose State University. I had the possibility of attending Foothill College up in Los Altos Hils, cA.

I just called Tim yesterday with the SA website that I discovered and I can always call back if I want to.

The Celebrate Recovery Bible eBook is on my Apple iPad, as well the Tecarta Bible.

What to Celebrate?

People like to Celebrate. What I are some ways that you can? I know that one of the ways that I like to Celebrate is at a birthday party. Earlier today I was looking at Google Maps on my Apple iPad, looking over some of the places where I grew up.

I was sitting in the Lobby here at Gramercy Court while listening to some music and I stopped by the Dining Room for the Baking for Benefits where Chris made Cookies.

As I think about the first three steps of my recovery program, I am looking forward to getting into a CR step Study. I imagine that there are other Christian Recovery Groups that deal with some of the things that I am trying to find Victory. I can rest in the fact that because I ask for something in prayer groups, God doesn’t always answer my prayers. As a Christian in Gamblers Anonymous I find it good to know I can always call the GA helpline if I consider placing a bet. I remember the combo book and I don’t have one right now.

I am trying to start off with a clean slate. I know that there is a list of meetings that I can attend. I find that prayer is a lot more freeing now. I am looking forward to Bible Study next week, when Pastor Flood will serve communion. I read through Ephesians on the Tecarta Bible App on my Apple iPad. I started on Romans, but that is a longer book. I will try to finish it before next Monday.

I checked the Calendar and it looks like there is a church service on Sunday at 2:00PM. I can always check the score of the game without calling a bookie. I believe that it is a non-denominational service on Sunday so anyone can attend.

Now if I can just find a way to get YouTube to play clips again I will be really happy.

Today is Saturday October 29, 2016