The Activity Calendar for the rest of February 2017

Activities that I can participate in, then the Activities staff will post a new Calendar for March.


Sitting by the Large Table in the Lobby

With my Powered Wheelchair from Bischoff’s seeming to hold less and less of a charge, I have m add it out to the Lobby here at Gramercy Court. There are two ladies who sat down at the other end of the table.

Today is February 18, 2017.

I know Donna, but I did not know the other person. I asked and she responded. They are working on a puzzle at the other end of the Table. I have worked many jobs, and one thing remains the same.

That one thing is that Dick Davies shared something in Sun day School at Covenant Presbyterian Church about What Jesus did on the cross 2000 years ago.

A Great Tuesday in February

Today is the first Tuesday in February 2017. I am down at Breakfast, and I haven’t placed a bet in quite a while. I remember my last major relapse came back in 2004 while working at Sears. I decided to leave Sears back in 2004, but everyone says to forget the past and move forward.

i have my quiet time scheduled after Breakfast.

I am using my Apple iPad.

After Breakfast I left the Dining Room and I made it out to the Lobby here at Gramercy Court. I read through Day 15 in the Daily Devotional from the back of the CR Bible.

I am hoping to get a ToDo list started, but I don’t know where to Begin.