After Lunch

I just had Lunch in the Dining Room. It was Chili, Vegetables and Cornbread. I liked the meal, and now I am using my Apple iPad in the lobby.

I watched some YouTube videos earlier. It was a pretty good set of videos.

There are three more weeks until November.

I want to take care of some things this afternoon. I might get to my room early tonight.

That is all for right now.




Halloween 2016

It is almost Halloween here at Gramercy Court. There are three more weeks, and they have some decorations in the lobby. I know that some might not approve, but it can be fun.

Like anything, you need to use your best judgement.

I know now that with my recovery issues, I have decided that I am in recovery for Gambling, Love Hunger and my Apple iPad.

I plan to stay on Step 1 until November 1st. Today is Monday October 10, 2016

Step 1

I am on Day 2 in my month of October. I am sitting in the lobby here at Gramercy Court using my iPad. I have had struggles with Food and Gambling.

I went to GA for a while, and I received my year pin in 2004. I was working for Sears at the time.

What is Step 1? I don’t really know for sure what it is. I am going to research it, and maybe I can answer the question in 2017.

Today is Sunday October 2.