Sitting in the Lobby

Yes, I made it out to the Lobby after watching the speech by the President of the U.S.A. I am back here thinking about what I just saw, and reading some of the reaction.

I hope that I can make a difference in the next 90 Days.

Today is February 28, 2017


Amends and YouTube

As I have been in various recovery groups, I am trying to blend the different programs together. At this point I don’t know who to make Amends to. The challenge that I have is how to explain the difference between an accountability partner, sponsor or Temporary Sponsor.

I think I will wait for about two weeks, and revisit this subject in two weeks. After all at the end of the reading it says something about how Jesus Christ will help us. I will pray about it, and maybe I will see about changing programs in the future.

As I wait for things to take shape in my mind, I will go ahead and talk about my problems with YouTube. It was playing clips fine a few days ago. I love using YouTube on my Apple iPad. But when I tried it again yesterday it was still coming up Playback Error Tap Again to Retry. I have contacted YouTube about the error, and I have looked at my Apple iPad.

My options for today today include the following.

1) My Apple iPad
2) The GHCGuest account on our network
3) YouTube

Normally I love to do either the 8 Recovery Principles by Pastor Rick Warren or play the 12 Steps on YouTube. I like to listen to music, and I have Run To The Battle by Steve Camp and The Road to Recovery by Rick Muchow and the Saddleback Church Band. I won’t be able to do that right now because of my YouTube.

I believe that I am still a Gamblers Anonymous member. I wish I had a Yellow Combo Book, but not at this time.

I could always contact someone at Westminster Presbyterian Church. They have two services this morning. One is early, and then another at eleven.

My plans today include Breakfast and Lunch in the Dining Room, Church Service in the clasroom at two, and then Dinner in the Dining Room tonight. Plans might change between now and Tuesday Afternoon when I get picked up by Alpha One in one of their wheelchair Vans for a ride down to my eye appointment at 2:30 on Timberlake Way.

I probably won’t revisit the Amends Meditation for another thirty days. Today was Day 15, which means tomorrow will be Day 16.

After Lunch in the Lobby

I went down to my eye appointment in south Sacramento on Timberlake Way. Emma gave me a ride down and back with Alpha One. I made it back to Gramercy in one piece. I called Alpha One to let them know that I appreciated the service.

I came back to Gramercy Court and ate Lunch in my room. Now I am in the Lobby.

I. am thinking about the Celebrate Recovery Bible that I received yesterday and whether I can get past Step One / Principle One. Today is Monday October 17, 2016.

I know that I am not Gambling right now, but the question that I have is how to get to my Fourth Step.

Hopefully there is someone that I can ask. I am planning on doing Step Two / Principle Two in two weeks.

I might move up the date.

Step One

As I think about what Step One means to me, I might be ready to move to Step Two. The first three steps are in the first workbook in Celebrate Recovery.

The problem with Step One is that sometimes I might need something else in my life.

I know that I get a ride down to my eye doctor today I might wait a little bit on Step Two. I have some appointments this week..

Today is Monday October 17, 2016

I will get Breakfast this morning in the Dining Room here at Gramercy Courtt.

With my recovery under control I might wait until Thursday to do the next Step. That would put me ahead, as I was planning on waiting until October 31st.

Breakfast at Gramercy Court

I just came out to the lobby after Breakfast. We had a muffin, salsa scrambled eggs and hot cereal. There was also Hot Chocolate, Milk, Juice and water.

Breakfast was served a little late this morning. It is almost 8:45AM right now. I hope to get a Celebrate Recovery Bible. I would prefer the eBook. Right now I have a sample copy.

Once I get that, I can do the Lesson for Step One / Principle One. I should be able to complete that during October. I have another NIV Bible, but there are some nice things about Celebrate Recovery.

I know there is a Gamblers Anonymous lesson over at the hospital on J Street, but I decided to stay here.

It looks like it is almost two hours until Lunch.