Yes, I can change for the better

I believe that there is hope that as a believer in Jesus Christ, I can make some changes in my life. Today is Saturday June 10, 2017. I just watched a repeat of Wonder Woman, which is the show from a few years ago starring Lynda Carter.

I watched the shw on MyTV on Comcast. I understand that in the next few weeks I will have a new Room, as they are remodeling. At that point I will get a new system on a new Television. What vhanges should i make in my life?

That can be difficult, but there are a few things i can think of.


Today is March 2, 2016

I read some today, and I am trying to act as best as possible, but sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good enough. Then I remember that as a Christian, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes it can be tough to explain, but I find it comforting to know that there are others who have gone through setbacks, and they are still living.

i might be able to write more in the future, if people are interested in reading any of what I am writing.

I am going through the Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional on Google Play, and I am on Day 21, and that means I will be able to make it past Principle Four in the next month or so.

Today is Saturday

I am watching The Late Late Show on CBS as I write this on my Apple iPad. I like CBS, but there are other things to do. I could read a book, watch a movie, listen to music. I know I was talking with one of the drivers that took me down to my doctor on Timberlake Way this past week about a software product from Google.

I might want to switch stations in the future. I know that tomorrow I want to watch GoodDay on Cable Channel 12. Those are sister stations over in West Sacramento. That is pretty close to IKEA and Raley Field.

There are many things I would like to do, but because of my poor eating habits, I have ended up in the nursing facility. I might never regain the use of my left hand. I know that on one of our Caravans back in 1980 to Etna, CA that we had a great time. If only I had asked one of those girls to a dance.

I was a boy, or when does a boy become a Man. I wish I had a Candy Cane to suck on right now, but I probably shouldn’t because I am TYPE 2 Diabetic.

Of course sometimes I read the paper. I used to deliver the paper for the Palo Alto Times, which was in the Santa Clara County. I should apologize to Nick sometime, as he tried to help, and I was crying. That was somewhere in Los Altos Hills.

Sometimes I ask myself what life would be like if I had things to do differently. I got my haircut this past week, and I remember my Dad taking me to the barber near Mountain View.

But that is the past, and today is going to be pretty good. Of course there is always the possibility of an earthquake, but I hope that doesn’t happen. I know that one of my dreams would be the only guy in a group of 20 women. It might be nice, but that isn’t really possible right now.

I have a powered wheelchair right now, and my Apple iPad. Of course with my YouTube working now, I don’t believe that I relapsed. Of course if I relapse, I just have to find a new support group. Maybe I should find a support group for SimCity Buildit. That is one of the games I have on my Apple iPad. I notice that tomorrow I have a prayer time at 8:00AM on my iPad schedule.

I believe that Jesus has healed me, but how do I start over? I will have to talk to Jennifer, my Behavioral Psychologist in our next session on Wednesday.

I should have someone proofread this before I submit it, but I can always edit this later. I use either WordPress or Blogo.

I might want to consider further education somewhere in the western region of the U.S.A., which might mean that I would leave the state. I might want to think about Colorado sometime. But it would be pretty cold, so I would need a jacket.

I didn’t get the gift card from Amazon, but I have to heal some more unless the good lord says my time is up.

Next week is Veterans Day on Friday November 11, 2016. But before .then is the Elections on the 8th.

Yesterday and Halloween

After reading the devotion for yesterday, and putting my post on my WordPress account I made it to Breakfast, Lunch and then to the church service in the Classroom.

It was a good service, and I heard several good things in.the service including Great Is Thy Faithfulness and a sermon by Pastor Flood on The Attributes of God. I had my iPad with me, and I was able to share a couple of my apps with the Pastor and the Music Leader.

Then I went to the Lobby and listened to a sermon by Chip Ingram on my iPad. I didn’t have to click on his app but I did anyway. I went to Dinner after listening to one of the the messages from Living On The Edge.

I then went back to my room. There were two Good things on Television, and I was watching the television and I turned the Television off and I read The Road to Recovery. I turned the Television on after that and I thought about watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, or to turn the Television back to The World Series. I checked the Television in the Day Room because it is the bigger screen and I was hoping there might be a couple other people to socialize with.

Today being Halloween I doubt I will dress up. I don’t have a costume right now. Oh well, it is early in the morning here. It is almost six according to the CASIO watch on my wrist. I know that I need to decide what to do next after I post my blog. My YouTube still isn’t working correctly after several days, and I get to eat Breakfast in the Dining Room at about 7:45AM.

I might be able to watch some Television this morning. I am not sure which station to watch. I love Good Day on Channel 31, but there is also Channel 13 which is a sister station of Channel 31. There is Channel 10, which is ABC. There is FOX which has a morning show, then there is the NBC news on Channel 3.

Then their is always the radio.

I will finish typing on my Apple iPad now, and see how Halloween goes in 2016.

Participant Guides

I talked with the Business Office here at Gramercy Court, and it looks like they have found a way to get me the four participants guides from Amazon.

Today is Saturday October 22, 2016

Right now I don’t want to say what Day 7 is about in the CR Study Bible eBook at this point. I just read what it says. For now I am glad that I have Step One / Principle One down.

I spoke with Social Services yesterday about my appointment with the Behavioral Psycholist.I will probably wait until Wednesday to determine if I can move on to Step Two.

As I recall from last night I spoke with one of the residents sons are who does Video for some of the local teams that helped me out. He suggested that I might have done Step Two already. That may be true, which means I have some extra time to wait until I tackle Step Three.

I forget whether today is the day that I read the GA 12 Steps off of the website. They haven’t sent the yellow combo book yet.

Well there is always a few other options right now.

– I can read the 12 Steps off the GA website
– I can read the 8 Recovery Principles by RickW.
– I can watch the 12 Steps on the YouTube Video

There may be others, but I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

At this point I will have to wait until at least Monday for the participants guides. I will download them from Amazon to Kindle on my iPad. I might try and contact the SA office for help. I saw a place on the internet that provides counseling for SA clients.

I should probably wait and get some sleep in before I take on the task. A Day at a time, and I plan to cover Day 8 tomorrow.

Survivor Wednesday

Tonight is another episode of Survivor on CBS. I plan to watch it tonight on TV. That is great news for my recovery. I didn’t understand the first three steps when I picked up the Love Hunger Workbook while working at Borland..

I know now that the first Step in any recovery group is saying your name, and what your in recovery for. For example, when I realized that I was a problem gambler, I began to attend GA meetings. I would say something like my name is Brian and I am a problem Gambler. There are Step Studies, and other types of support. The problem with the Love Hunger Program was the fact that I was dealing with more than just Food.

Now the challenge for me is how to step out of denial. Maybe sometime in the next ninety days I will find the answer. All I know now is that I am at Gramercy Court. I have another appointment in two weeks down on Timberlake Way with my Eye Doctor. Today I finished Day four in my Daily Devotional in my CR Bible that I got this past Sunday.

I plan to go to Day 5 on Thursday. I will probably review today’s reading one more time today. I am not planning on getting to my third step until December.

Today is today.

Recovery Update

It looks like I may find a way to get a Celebrate Recovery Study Bible eBook. I read the 8 Principles this morning from my sample copy, and I will probably watch the 12 Steps tomorrow. I have discovered them on YouTube.

Today is Sunday. I might get the workbooks, but not right now.

With my two primary addictions, I don’t really know how to explain the difference between an accountability partner and a sponsor. Right now I am covering Step One / Principle One during October 2016. I might make it to a church service today, but I might need to walk. I will check at Lunch. Church doesn’t happen until 2:00PM.