Tomorrow will be Wednesday

I look forward to Wednesday, and I am not sure how to present my skills any differently. With a B.A. from Westmont College and a Certificate in Database Design, Development and Management I figure that there must be someway to get back to work once my health improves.

Of course for the Certificate I went back to school at UC Davis Extension and I got that Certificate in Fall 2000.

I hoped to get my Oracle DBA, but it was tough getting all the exams down.


Getting Ready for Bed

It is almost 9:15PM on Wednesday Night, and this is January 18, 2017.

I plan to get to Bed soon, but I still need some assistance. I think I might get a shower tomorrow.

I have a couple of meetings set up for tomorrow.

Survivor Wednesday

Tonight is another episode of Survivor on CBS. I plan to watch it tonight on TV. That is great news for my recovery. I didn’t understand the first three steps when I picked up the Love Hunger Workbook while working at Borland..

I know now that the first Step in any recovery group is saying your name, and what your in recovery for. For example, when I realized that I was a problem gambler, I began to attend GA meetings. I would say something like my name is Brian and I am a problem Gambler. There are Step Studies, and other types of support. The problem with the Love Hunger Program was the fact that I was dealing with more than just Food.

Now the challenge for me is how to step out of denial. Maybe sometime in the next ninety days I will find the answer. All I know now is that I am at Gramercy Court. I have another appointment in two weeks down on Timberlake Way with my Eye Doctor. Today I finished Day four in my Daily Devotional in my CR Bible that I got this past Sunday.

I plan to go to Day 5 on Thursday. I will probably review today’s reading one more time today. I am not planning on getting to my third step until December.

Today is today.