Amends and YouTube

As I have been in various recovery groups, I am trying to blend the different programs together. At this point I don’t know who to make Amends to. The challenge that I have is how to explain the difference between an accountability partner, sponsor or Temporary Sponsor.

I think I will wait for about two weeks, and revisit this subject in two weeks. After all at the end of the reading it says something about how Jesus Christ will help us. I will pray about it, and maybe I will see about changing programs in the future.

As I wait for things to take shape in my mind, I will go ahead and talk about my problems with YouTube. It was playing clips fine a few days ago. I love using YouTube on my Apple iPad. But when I tried it again yesterday it was still coming up Playback Error Tap Again to Retry. I have contacted YouTube about the error, and I have looked at my Apple iPad.

My options for today today include the following.

1) My Apple iPad
2) The GHCGuest account on our network
3) YouTube

Normally I love to do either the 8 Recovery Principles by Pastor Rick Warren or play the 12 Steps on YouTube. I like to listen to music, and I have Run To The Battle by Steve Camp and The Road to Recovery by Rick Muchow and the Saddleback Church Band. I won’t be able to do that right now because of my YouTube.

I believe that I am still a Gamblers Anonymous member. I wish I had a Yellow Combo Book, but not at this time.

I could always contact someone at Westminster Presbyterian Church. They have two services this morning. One is early, and then another at eleven.

My plans today include Breakfast and Lunch in the Dining Room, Church Service in the clasroom at two, and then Dinner in the Dining Room tonight. Plans might change between now and Tuesday Afternoon when I get picked up by Alpha One in one of their wheelchair Vans for a ride down to my eye appointment at 2:30 on Timberlake Way.

I probably won’t revisit the Amends Meditation for another thirty days. Today was Day 15, which means tomorrow will be Day 16.


Sponsor for my Recovery

As I think about all of the people that I have asked to be a sponsor for my recovery program, it looks like I will have to start a new list. I know that today’s Daily Meditation covered the the subject of what to look for.

I will have to pray about my search. I know that from some of my experience that it has been difficult to explain exactly what the role of a sponsor is. Fortunately the Meditation for today, which is Sunday October 23, 2016 has a scripture verse with it. I read the verse out loud.

The primary issue that I have with my GA experience is what else to say about my other recovery issues. The good thing is that in the Golden State of California there has to have been one other person who I can contact to be a sponsor, accountability partner or temporary sponsor.

I do have the CR Bible eBook that I got this past Sunday, and I spoke with someone in the Business Office about ordering the Participants Guides for my Kindle on my Apple iPad. I have been through a CR Step Study before, and Participants Guide One covers the first three steps of any recovery program.

Of course my issues regarding SA and SimCityBuildit, which I thought about this past Friday I know that every support group has their own little control code. I don’t believe that I am actually addicted to the game on my Apple iPad. I have other things on my IPad besides SimCity. I have another Bible that I got from Tecarta. I will have to wait about six weeks to be able to ask someone.

My Home Church is Westminster Presbyterian Church for right now. That is in Sacramento. I joined them when I was living Downtown at Pensione K. I can listen to past sermons online and watch videos of some of the past M.A.N. Concerts. I listened to last weeks sermon on my iPad last night. This was during dinner in the Dining Room.

After Lunch

I just had Lunch in the Dining Room. It was Chili, Vegetables and Cornbread. I liked the meal, and now I am using my Apple iPad in the lobby.

I watched some YouTube videos earlier. It was a pretty good set of videos.

There are three more weeks until November.

I want to take care of some things this afternoon. I might get to my room early tonight.

That is all for right now.