The Amazing Race on CBS

The Amazing Race on CBSTonight at 9:00PM in Sacramento, or 10PM on the rest of the West Coast is the third episode of The Amazing Race. So far two teams have been eliminated from the race, and chances are another will be eliminated tonight. The show takes about an Hour to finish, and then if the last team is eliminated then they should be down to nine teams. I wish that I could compete, as the race pays off a million dollars to the winning team.

I have watched the show before, and it seems to be handled well.

The Latest Information

To be honest, I am almost ready to get to Principle Five in my recovery efforts. I know the first Workbook was for Food, but I did not know that I needed a sponsor when I picked up the workbook. I did not plan to become a Compulsive Gambler when I went back to school at UC Davis Extension for my Certificate in Database Design, Development and Management in Falll 2000.

I will need to check, but I do not see any reason why i can’t make the mone, and then move to Ptinviple Six through Eight. Today is Saturday April 8, 2017

i will check and seee when Pastor Margaret comes by to visit in a few weeks.

Westmont Basketball in the NAIA Tournament

I checked the Westmont Website and it turns out the Men are in Kansas City, and the Women are in Montana for the NAIA Tournament. It starts on Wednesday March 15, 2017. It ends up on Tuesday March 21, 2017. I will try to keep up with Westmont, as I am a Westmont Graduate from class of 1984. I earned a B.A. in Economics and Business.

I did not plan on becoming a Compulsive Gambler when I moved to Natomas in 2000, and eventually I got involved with Gamblers Anonymous I hope to find a sponsor for my Food Addiction and my SAA program in the next 90 Days.