What I am in Recovery for?

I was just down in the Sun Room, and I brought a Max Lucado book and my Apple iPad down. I came back to my room and I turned on Good Day on KMAX. I hope that they can forgive because I would go by there and try to reconcile with someone. That was while I was fresh out of Sears.

The sanest thing I can do is sit here and wait?

i met with a couple of Women tonight from South Sacramento, and they prayed for my Left Hand.


What to Celebrate?

People like to Celebrate. What I are some ways that you can? I know that one of the ways that I like to Celebrate is at a birthday party. Earlier today I was looking at Google Maps on my Apple iPad, looking over some of the places where I grew up.

I was sitting in the Lobby here at Gramercy Court while listening to some music and I stopped by the Dining Room for the Baking for Benefits where Chris made Cookies.

As I think about the first three steps of my recovery program, I am looking forward to getting into a CR step Study. I imagine that there are other Christian Recovery Groups that deal with some of the things that I am trying to find Victory. I can rest in the fact that because I ask for something in prayer groups, God doesn’t always answer my prayers. As a Christian in Gamblers Anonymous I find it good to know I can always call the GA helpline if I consider placing a bet. I remember the combo book and I don’t have one right now.

I am trying to start off with a clean slate. I know that there is a list of meetings that I can attend. I find that prayer is a lot more freeing now. I am looking forward to Bible Study next week, when Pastor Flood will serve communion. I read through Ephesians on the Tecarta Bible App on my Apple iPad. I started on Romans, but that is a longer book. I will try to finish it before next Monday.

I checked the Calendar and it looks like there is a church service on Sunday at 2:00PM. I can always check the score of the game without calling a bookie. I believe that it is a non-denominational service on Sunday so anyone can attend.

Now if I can just find a way to get YouTube to play clips again I will be really happy.

Today is Saturday October 29, 2016

How to Recover

As I read through Day 9 in the Celebrate Recovery Daily Meditation it comforts me to know what my options are. I guess that sometime in the next few days I will be able to start answering some questions. I will have to get the gift card for Amazon before I get the books.

I like Celebrate Recovery, but there are different types of recovery groups out there as well. I know there is GA for people still in recovery for a Gambling problem. There was a list of places in the back of the Love Hunger Workbook, but I got involved with an Impact Group instead.

I had called the GA helpline a few weeks ago, and they have a website with the 12 Steps. The thing about Celebrate Recovery is that it can deal with people with different types of addictions. I got the CR Bible last week, and I have been reading it day by day.

I guess that tomorrow will be Day 10, which will be Tuesday. Today is Monday October 24th.

Sponsor for my Recovery

As I think about all of the people that I have asked to be a sponsor for my recovery program, it looks like I will have to start a new list. I know that today’s Daily Meditation covered the the subject of what to look for.

I will have to pray about my search. I know that from some of my experience that it has been difficult to explain exactly what the role of a sponsor is. Fortunately the Meditation for today, which is Sunday October 23, 2016 has a scripture verse with it. I read the verse out loud.

The primary issue that I have with my GA experience is what else to say about my other recovery issues. The good thing is that in the Golden State of California there has to have been one other person who I can contact to be a sponsor, accountability partner or temporary sponsor.

I do have the CR Bible eBook that I got this past Sunday, and I spoke with someone in the Business Office about ordering the Participants Guides for my Kindle on my Apple iPad. I have been through a CR Step Study before, and Participants Guide One covers the first three steps of any recovery program.

Of course my issues regarding SA and SimCityBuildit, which I thought about this past Friday I know that every support group has their own little control code. I don’t believe that I am actually addicted to the game on my Apple iPad. I have other things on my IPad besides SimCity. I have another Bible that I got from Tecarta. I will have to wait about six weeks to be able to ask someone.

My Home Church is Westminster Presbyterian Church for right now. That is in Sacramento. I joined them when I was living Downtown at Pensione K. I can listen to past sermons online and watch videos of some of the past M.A.N. Concerts. I listened to last weeks sermon on my iPad last night. This was during dinner in the Dining Room.

SimCity Buildit

I just finished playing one of the games that I play on my iPad. I don’t know if it would count as an addiction or not, but I enjoy playing the game.

i hope to get a book soon for my iPad. That might help me in my recovery.

I feel that my best plan is to work on Step 1 during October. My two primary addictions are Food and Gambling. I might work on my 4th Step for a few months during 2017. That is my plan for right now. I will keep people up to date on my blog.

Today I get a ride down 99 to an eye appointment this afternoon.

September 26, 2016

I am in the lobby here at Gramercy Court.  With five more days in September, it is tough to recover from some stuff.

I am thinking about starting a recovery program here in October.  I am hoping to find some support during the next week or two.  I haven’t had experience with everything, but I can help some.

I am not sure what to call the group.  For now I am alone, but I have Breakfast in the Dining Room in an hour.

I think that there is a Piano Activity at about Ten.  I might go to that, or at least listen.